OMCS Pulmonary Rehab therapist and patient

Pulmonary Rehab Program Now Open at Optim Screven

Article by Joe Brady, Editor for The Sylvania Times

Daryl Mobley is the face of Optim Medical Center-Screven’s new pulmonary rehabilitation program. The program started three weeks ago, with little fanfare but brings a large impact to the area.

“Our program is for patients with chronic lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, fibrosis, and the like.” Mobley explains. The program is divided into a work out routine twice per week and then patients move into a preventative maintenance plan one day per week. Patients start out at a 3 day per week regimen.

The program’s first two patients, Gary and Angela Skinner have thirty-minute workouts twice a week. “I didn’t realize how important exercise is,” Mrs. Skinner explains. “It has improved our quality of life,” Gary further states.

A native of Florida, Mobley is excited to be in Sylvania. “I chose pulmonary care because I wanted to improve the lives of my patients. Rural healthcare is so important because you get to know your patients. They are more than names on a chart, these are your friends and neighbors and it’s your job to help them feel better.”

In addition to exercise, the classes also consist of educating patients about their individual lung conditions and their importance to overall health.

Gary Skinner, a COPD sufferer, further states, “I already feel more like my old self.”

Pulmonary patients can expect to experience improved breathing, boosted energy levels, independence, and ability to function better, weight management, reduced stress, and less dependency on oxygen and medications.

“Lungs are muscles, you need to utilize those muscles and condition them,” Daryl says.

To enter the program, a referral from your general practitioner or pulmonologist is required. The rehab program is covered by most insurance programs.

“This has been an answer to a prayer,” Angela Skinner sums up, “I asked God to help me get healthier and this is the first step. Thank God for Daryl and the Pulmonary Rehab program.”

If you have additional questions, please contact the Rehab at 912-564-7426 or email daryl directly at

Pulmonary Rehab Program Now Open at Optim Screven