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Optim Health System provides you with an extensive network of healthcare providers on our medical staff to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a specialist for a specific condition in Orthopedics, Neurosurgery or Interventional Pain Management or a primary care doctor, our medical staff has you covered from head to toe.

As leaders in healthcare, our medical staff provides a broad range of services from minimally invasive surgery, to complex spine or total joint replacement surgery, to on going prevention and care. 

Don Aaron MD Optim Orthopedics

Don G. Aaron, MD

Thomas Alexander MD Optim Orthopedics

Thomas Alexander, MD

Roger Beville MD Optim Primary Care

Roger Beville, MD

Rabinder Singh Bhatti D.O. Optim Pain Management

Rabinder Singh Bhatti, DO

Dr. J. Kevin Brooks at Southern Orthopaedics Sports Medicine

J. Kevin Brooks, MD

Prakul Chandra MD Optim Primary Care

Prakul Chandra, MD

Jonathan Christy, MD

Jonathan Christy, MD

William Degenhart MD Ophthalmology

William Degenhart, MD

Michael D Dykes MD Optim Pain Management

Michael D. Dykes, MD

Travis Farmer MD Optim Orthopedics

Travis D. Farmer, MD

Anthony Foley MD

Anthony Foley, MD

M Delan Gaines MD Optim Orthopedics

M. Delan Gaines, MD

Jeff Goldburg MD Optim Orthopedics

Jeffrey Goldberg, MD

Patrick Hanson MD Optim Medical Center Tattnal

Patrick G. Hanson, MD

Joseph Hegarty MD Optim Pain Management

Joseph Hegarty, MD

Bradley Heiges MD Optim Orthopedics

Bradley A. Heiges, MD

Charles Hope MD Optim Orthopedics

Charles Hope, II, MD

Juha Jaakkola MD Optim Orthopedics

Juha I. Jaakkola, MD

S Mark Kamaleson MD Optim Orthopedics

S. Mark Kamaleson, MD

Donald Kennedy MD

Donald F. Kennedy Jr., MD

Gregory Kolovich MD Optim Orthopedics

Gregory P. Kolovich, MD

Thomas Lawhorn MD Optim Orthopedic

Thomas W. Lawhorne, III, MD

John McCormick MD Optim Orthopedics

John McCormick, II, MD

Sidney James Morgan MD Optim Primary Care

Sidney James Morgan, MD

Christopher Nicholson MD Optim Orthopedics

Christopher W. Nicholson, MD

Markus Niederwanger MD Optim Pain Management

Markus Niederwanger, MD

Thomas Niemeier MD Optim Orthopedics

Thomas E. Niemeier, MD

John Odom MD General Surgery

John Odom, MD

David N Palmer MD Optim Orthopedics

David N. Palmer, MD

Jordan W Paynter MD

Jordan W. Paynter, MD

Sherma Peter MD Optim Primary Care

Sherma Peter, MD

Nicholas Richardson Southern Orthopaedic

Nicholas Richardson, MD

David M Sedory MD Optim Orthopedics

David M. Sedory, MD

Amir Shahien MD Optim Orthopedics

Amir Shahien, MD

Bobby Shelly MD Optim Orthopedics

Robert “Bobby” Shelley, Jr, MD

Casey Spivey MD Spivey Orthopedics

J. Casey Spivey, MD

C Mark Spivey MD-Spivey Orthopedics

C. Mark Spivey, MD

Kevin Stevenson MD Optim Neurosurgery

Kevin L. Stevenson, MD

George Sutherland MD Optim Orthopedics

George Sutherland, Jr., MD

W Stephen Tankersley MD

W. Stephen Tankersley, MD

Raymond F Topp MD Southern Orthopaedics

Raymond F. Topp, MD, FAAOS

James Wilson MD Optim Orthopedics

James W. Wilson, Jr., MD

Kent Woo MD Optim Orthopedics

Kent E. Woo, MD

Chad Zehms MD Optim Orthopedics

Chad T. Zehms, MD

This directory lists providers on the Optim Health System medical staff who choose to participate. Some physicians are employed by Optim Medical Center-Tattnall, Optim Medical Center-Screven, or by affiliated practices to the Optim Health System clinically integrated network. No providers are charged or paid for this service. Any testimonials, reviews, or ratings that may be shown are provided by individuals through consent or a third-party website and are not opinions or endorsements made by Optim Health System.