Endoscopic Rhizotomy: Can this minimally invasive procedure ease your back pain?

Are you suffering with back pain from arthritis? Have doctors told you there is nothing they can do for you?  Or, that your only option is major surgery?

You may find relief from a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure called endoscopic rhizotomy.

Meet Optim Neurosurgeon, Kevin L. Stevenson, MD. He believes an active, pain-free life may be possible, no matter what your age!

“So many people have been told for years there is nothing that can be done for them,” said Dr. Stevenson, a board-certified and fellowship trained neurosurgeon. “They’re in constant pain and aren’t able to enjoy or even participate in their everyday activities. And just because a patient is 70-plus years old doesn’t mean he or she should live with this pain in their spine.”

Patients suffering from arthritic back pain may find relief from a simple 30-minute, minimally invasive, outpatient procedure called endoscopic rhizotomy.

Dr. Stevenson is the only physician in the area who performs the endoscopic rhizotomy, and one of just two or three in the entire state.

During this procedure, Dr. Stevenson inserts a small probe into the patient’s back and cuts the tiny nerves that carry pain signals to the brain. He’s guided by a specially designed spine endoscope which is the diameter of a pencil and has a built-in camera lens.

The procedure lasts about 30 minutes and the patient will be able to go home within the hour.

According to Dr. Stevenson, the procedure is effective in about 80 percent of patients and will relieve pain for approximately 4 years. The procedure can then be repeated.

Before undergoing the procedure, patients are screened diagnostically to determine if the procedure could relieve their back pain. If it turns out the patient is not a good candidate, Dr. Stevenson and his team will do everything possible to determine the most effective options for them.

“I can promise that you won’t find anyone who cares more about helping their patients and relieving their pain,” he said.


  • Small incisions and minimal scar tissue formation
  • Less damage to surrounding muscle and soft tissue
  • Decreased blood loss
  • Decreased pain and need for pain medication
  • Quicker recovery and return to regular activities
  • Procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis
  • Decreased risk of infection post-operatively

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