Athletic Trainer Bobby Chisholm on WTGS Fox 28

Cody Thomas from WTGS Fox 28 News put a spotlight on heat safety for football players in a segment Aug. 7th that featured Optim Sports Medicine’s Bobby Chisholm, Athletic Trainer at Effingham County High School. Thank you to Cody and Fox 28 for putting a spotlight on heat-related issues on the field.

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Effingham County football team is tackling the heat

By Cody Thomas

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTGS) — The new school year is already in full swing for some districts, but football players have been practicing all summer under scorching temperatures.

I talked with Effingham County High School’s head coach, Buddy Holder, today about how he’s been protecting his players in the heat. Coach Holder showed me how he specifically structures his practices so that the players are in the best possible condition during the hottest part of the day.

“We break our drills up so it’s not all nonstop running and contact,” said Holder.

Coach Holder also has specific days that are easier than others.

“Mondays and Wednesdays are just shoulder pads and helmets and shorts, so, you know, we do a lot of thud-type stuff. You know, not full contact, not taking them to the ground,” said Holder.

The team’s athletic trainer also provides extra precaution during the hotter days.

“We’ll tend to go give them a little bit more water and give them more breaks so that we can kind of dodge those heat issues,” said athletic trainer Bobby Chisholm.

Coach Holder says that most times, heat-related issues are because the player is not as conditioned as they should be.

“Most times when kids have these reactions that you’re talking about, it’s because they sit in the house all summer and don’t do anything. Then all of a sudden, they try to come play football,” said Holder.

Coach Holder wants his community to know that they are hosting their first home scrimmage game this Friday against Screven County and that support is appreciated.