Optim Medical Center-Tattnall

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247 South Main Street
Reidsville, GA, 30453



Additional Info

Emergency Department (ER): 24 hours, 7 days a week

Lobby / Registration / Front Desk: 6:30 AM – 5 PM

Hospital Visiting Hours: 7 AM – 9 PM (enter through lobby)
If you need to see a patient before or after visiting hours, you must go through the ER entrance and will be escorted inside.



THERAPY: 912.557.1000



Don G. Aaron, MD

Thomas Alexander, MD

Lisa Dasher Anderson, FNP

Roger Beville, MD

Phil Boatright, PA-C

J. Kevin Brooks, MD

Jonathan Christy, MD

Michael D. Dykes, MD

Travis D. Farmer, MD

M. Delan Gaines, MD

Jeffrey Goldberg, MD

Patrick G. Hanson, MD

Joseph Hegarty, MD

Bradley A. Heiges, MD

Charles Hope, II, MD

Juha I. Jaakkola, MD

S. Mark Kamaleson, MD

Donald F. Kennedy Jr., MD

Gregory P. Kolovich, MD

Thomas W. Lawhorne, III, MD

Sherry May, NP

John McCormick, II, MD

Heather Miller, PA-C

Christopher W. Nicholson, MD

Markus Niederwanger, MD

Thomas E. Niemeier, MD

David N. Palmer, MD

Lauren Price, FNP-C

Scott Schnaible, PA-C

David M. Sedory, MD

Ashley Skinner, FNP

J. Casey Spivey, MD

C. Mark Spivey, MD

Kevin L. Stevenson, MD

George Sutherland, Jr., MD

W. Stephen Tankersley, MD

Cala Tanner, FNP

Raymond F. Topp, MD, FAAOS

Lee Walker, FNP

James W. Wilson, Jr., MD

Kent E. Woo, MD

Chad T. Zehms, MD