Knee Replacement Surgery: Al Jackson Shares His Experience at the Optim Surgery Center


Knee Replacement Surgery Patient Al Jackson

Al Jackson underwent knee replacement surgery earlier this year. Read about the procedure and Al’s experience with Optim Surgery Center and Savannah orthopedic surgeon Charles Hope, MD.

Before the Surgery

I had been suffering with knee pain for the past four or 5 years.  Bad arthritis kept me in constant pain. My right knee was bone on bone, and my left knee was not far behind it. I work 10-hour shifts at Savannah Hilton Head International airport, so the concrete floors were not a friend to my situation to say the least. There were many days that I had all I could do to walk to my car at the end of a work day.

After doing lots of research, I decided to go to Optim (specifically Dr. Hope) to finally fix my situation. Before my initial appointment, I encountered a number of individuals who had gone to Dr. Hope for a knee replacement, and every single one gave him rave reviews. That’s all I needed to make my decision.

One month prior to my surgery date, I met with the total joint coordinator who explained the entire process, step by step, and answered any questions that I had at the time.

Total Knee Replacement at Optim

On February 8th, 2019, I underwent total knee replacement for my right knee. The surgery was performed (not at a hospital) but at Optim Surgery Center. Everyone there was very friendly, and totally professional. The surgery center was very clean and organized. I was happy that my procedure was being performed there, as opposed to a hospital for obvious and personal reasons. I knew that my risk of infection would be much less. That was important to me, having witnessed my sister nearly dying in a hospital facility resulting from MRSA and staff infections.

While the nurses were doing the IV’s and prepping me for my knee replacement surgery, my wife Ronda was allowed to come in with me. That was comforting to me. They even allowed a pastor from my church to come in the prepping area to pray for me. Again, comfort, prior to my procedure. By the time I realized what was going on, it was over.

I had my own recovery room which was nice. Optim bought my wife and I dinner at Longhorns and had it delivered. I was able to spend the night in the facility, which again was comforting to me. I felt much better around the medical staff for the evening than I would have, had I gone home. My wife could have stayed as well, although I convinced her to go home and rest before picking me up the next morning.


I’m not going to tell you that the first couple of weeks of recovery was a picnic, because it wasn’t. I will say though, most of the difficulties I encountered were self induced. I made a few mistakes along the way. Being a typical male, I felt that I was a little tougher than the average person, so I was lax with my meds a few times and ended up paying for my mistakes through a few sleepless nights. when I went back to being faithful with my medication, things got better fast. My best advice to anyone would be “follow the doctor’s orders and you will be just fine”.

After about two weeks, it was like I turned a corner. With each day, I noticed progress and recovery. After 6 weeks of physical therapy, I returned to work on modified duty with Dr. Hope’s ok. Other than some periodic swelling if I overdo it, I was pain free and back to work.

One of the biggest challenges I encountered from the surgery was the realization of having a device where I used to have bone. I kept thinking and expecting pain, but the knee was fine. It was a psychological adjustment more than anything. Dr. Hope and his staff assured me that the knee is fine and, unless I do something foolish, I can’t hurt it.

The Optim Experience

To sum up my entire experience with Optim, I can do that with one word: “seamless”. From the initial phone call to schedule a consult to the surgery, recovery and post-op visits, everyone was on top of their game. When I emailed or called with questions, they were answered immediately. To further emphasize my point, I am the type of person who is always early for appointments. In two separate cases, I arrived at a scheduled appointment early, was taken directly into the treatment room without wait. I was processed, treated and on my way home before my actual scheduled appointment time. Where, in today’s healthcare system does that ever happen? Well, I can tell you from experience, it happened at Optim…twice. When I get ready for my left knee replacement surgery, there’s no decision to make. It’ll be Dr. Hope at the Optim Surgery Center.

Al Jackson and his wife, Ronda